Feast of St. Sebastian

Posted 2/9/2020

On 9th February 2020, St. Sebastian feast was celebrated at Bela church with full grandeur. This feast was celebrated as an inauguration for Annual feast which will be celebrated in the coming week. This celebration started at 9.30 by hoisting the church flag. Immediately after that Holy Eucharist was celebrated with full devoutness. After the mass the statue of St. Sabastian was taken into procession and the whole ceremony came to an end at 12.30 PM. Finally all the devotees were blessed by the priest by laying the hands on their heads.

Fr. Anil Fernandis was the main celebrant and conducted whole ceremony. At the end the meal was served to all devotees. As a whole it was grand religious celebration which enkindled the faith of all the people who took part in it.